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Training on Embedded Systems
This training will develop an overall skill in embedded domain and will make you job ready. Potential candidates can be inducted into TechYogi based on their performance in the training period.
Start Date: 18th Nov, 2013
Days: Monday to Friday, 10 AM - 1 PM
Duration: 20 Weeks
Training Delivery - Theory based with Hands-On Programming on relevant hardware.
Faculty - Has Overall 14 years of industry experience with around 10 years in embedded domain. He also has 5 patents to his credit. He is also the Technical director in TechYogi.
Fees - Rs. 40,000/- inclusive of all taxes.


S. no. Topics Content Duration (Week) Comments
1 Microprocessor and Microcontroller Architecture RISC and CISC Architectures, Von-Neumann and Harward architectures, Details of PIC and MSP430 microcontroller architecture, Registers, Input/output ports, Interface Line (I2C, SPI, UART), Timers, Counters, Interrupts, Flash Memory Control, Low Power Modes 4 Programming and debugging on MSP430 microcontroller, RTC, Accelerometer, OLED Display, Touch Panel
2 Operating System Fundamentals Introduction to the kernel, Operating-System Structures, Process Management, Storage Management, Input/output System, Process Address Space, Interprocess Communication (Signal, Shared Memory, Pipes, Semaphores) 3 Programming in all the topics
3 C Data Types, Variables, Operators, Functions and Program Structure, Pointers and Arrays, Dynamic memory management, Strings, Structures/Unions, Bit-fields, Preprocessors 3 Programming in all the topics
4 Wireless Communication fundamentals Different modulation and demodulation techniques, Wireless Channels, Diversity, Capacity of wireless channel, Different Access technologies 2  
5 Transceiver Architecture and Interfacing with microcontroller Features, register settings, Frequency Synthesizer parameter setting, Receiver parameters, Transmitter parameters, Power Modes 4 Programming on CC2520 Transceiver, Setting different Transmission and reception mode, Handling Interrupts
6 IEEE 802.15.4 (ZigBee Std.) Physical Layer, MAC Layer, NWK Layer and APP layer details; networking procedures like Association/Disassociation, Synchronization, Data routing and different network topologies  2 Detailed explanation of IEEE802.15.4 standard and Hands-on on Zstack
7 IEEE 802.15.1 (Bluetooth Std.) Architecture, PHY Layer, Baseband and Link Manager Protocol, Host Controller Interface (HCI) and Logical Link Control and Adaptation Protocol (L2CAP) 2 Detailed explanation of IEEE802.15.1 standard and Hands-on on eZ430-RF256 development board, EtherMind stack.
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