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Student Tracking

A student tracking system using next generation wireless communication technology. We have filed for 5 patents in Wireless personal area network domain.

This system tracks the students on campus and also on school transport. It sends periodical updates to school management and parents.

  • Easy to use – Automatic card/tag reading (No need for swiping)

  • Highly reliable solution

  • Robust make, which can withstand rough handling by kids

  • High precision on campus student tracking

  • Longer Battery life (around 1 year)

  • Large number of students can be supported (3000+ … depends how frequently the localization of students is configured)

Luggage Tracking

Our luggage tracking solution offers peace of mind by preventing bag pickup by thieves, bag swapping at airport of similar looking luggage.

When picked up by someone other than the owner, it sounds alarm in luggage and sound / text alert in mobile. Cases when alert generated:

  • Pick-up

  • Moving away (Out of bound)

  • Coming-In (after out-of-bound)

  • Beep on button press to locate the luggage

Advantages with our product:

  • Long battery life for tags – up to 150+ days if continuously ON (for Proximity Tag)

  • Longer Range – (Proximity tags support up to 100m; Premier Tags with GPS / GPRS covers most part of the earth)

  • Better Reliability

  • Suitable for all kinds of travel such as Train/Plane/Bus..