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Our USP-Patented Algorithms
Our IPs enhance the efficiency of  the networking procedures and also enable new capabilities such as: silent network and synchronized mesh network is feasible now. The advantages with our products are:

Larger Network: Our address allocation algorithm allocates the logical address prudently, which enables network to grow 5 to 7 times longer. It is now possible to configure network directionality such as uni-directional, bi-directional, omni-directional etc.for directional network the network can grow even longer.

Faster data propagation: Using our algorithm it is now possible to support any number of data propagation directions. Data propagation in all the configured directions will be equally fast.

Synchronized Mesh: It is now feasible to have mesh network in a battery powered system.

Improved localization: Our algorithm is able to find out most of the neighboring nodes even before association with the network, which help the coordinator nodes to allocate child coordinators prudently and improve the accuracy at localization.

Silent Network: With our IPs it is now possible to form a silent network, which will transmit any signal (data) only if any event has occurred. It reduces the chance of spying and jamming and hence very useful for defense applications.

Longer Battery Life: By improving the network procedures such as association & maintenance, synchronization, data routing and data propagation the battery life of the network elements will improve by more than 10 times.

Low maintenance: By improving the battery life and defense mechanism algorithms in failure condition reduces the network maintenance requirement drastically.

Unique Features of TechYogi Developed Stack
We (TechYogi Shruti Solutions Pvt. Ltd.) have filed five patents in the field of wireless personal area network (WPAN) system. These IPs enhances the  WPAN capabilities and power efficiency many folds. In this project our objective is to develop a complete WPAN communication stack with all our IPs for different hardware vendor devices. As we know WSN has the capability to cater applications in different domain such as agriculture, health care, defense and automation systems; the stack architecture will be designed in such a way that it behaves in most power efficient manner for all types of application. The stack developed will be evaluated for both small as well as large network. This will preserve the imperative characteristics of low cost and limited processing power, in its solutions.
The new stack will have many obvious and subtle advantages, such as:
  • Highly power efficient
  • Improvement in synchronization precision
  • Improvement in stability and reliability of the network
  • Improvement in spectral efficiency
  • Improvement in durability
  • Reduced delay in routing data and
  • Low maintenance
The realization of the above advantages significantly enhances the operational efficiency of a wireless sensor network. Improvement of spectral efficiency has a direct impact on the scalability of networks. These advantages shall make our stack the next generation WPAN stack.